Teemo Experience Design


What Is Experience Design?

Experience design brings a new era of service, product and process development. It tackles all problems from the perspective of the end user by using different tools and methods to understand them on a fundamental level.  Experience design is developing products, services, or processes further to maximize their experience-value.

We Are Teemo

We are Teemo, the first company in Finland specialized in Experience Design (Kokemusmuotoilu). 

The name Teemo comes from the English word “team”, at least if you bend it enough… But where it comes from is not as important as what it stands for. Teemo was created by a group of people with an unusually wide range of knowledge of different fields who, by amazing happenstance, ended up working together. What unites us is our passion for creative solutions and this is how we all ended up working for something we believe in, experience design. Our seamless teamwork has helped us conquer many obstacles and challenges and this is what makes our Teemo unique.

Our Services

Even though we offer a wide range of services, we wanted to make things a little bit easier for you and went ahead and divided our services into packages. This way we’ll be able to give you a safe landing into the world of Experience Design. Choose the package best suited for your needs and we will tailor it for a perfect fit.

Our Packages


Lift Off

This is a great package for defining problems within a company when you don’t quite know what it is and when you want to solve the challenge independently within the company. This package includes end user research, defining the challenge and end user profiling. 


Houston 2-02


Our second package is best suitable for companies that need help with problems within the company and want ideas to solve the problem quickly. This package includes end user research, defining the challenge, end user profiling and ideas on how to solve the problem. 


Out of this world 2-03

Out Of This World

The end product for this package is a fully functional solution for the problem at hand which is ready to be implemented by the company.  This package includes end user research, defining the challenge, end user profiling, ideating, creation of prototypes, prototype presentation, testing and iteration. 


Life on mars 2-01

Life On Mars

This is the full Teemo Experience Design package. In this package we handle everything from that to finish, including the implementation of the solution. 

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