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How to use Empathy to know your customers


We do not often hear anything about empathy in business-world circles, but we should. 

Empathy is the ability to unite with your customers, look at their point of view, and see your products or services through their eyes. 

High empathy level means gathering more data and insights about your customers, what do they like about your product, what they dislike, what they wish to find and what they expect. It also sends an overwhelming message that your company is customer centered. 

The data and insights you gather leads to stronger performance, increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and greater innovation. 

If you have that critical skill of empathy, you have the secret weapon to anticipate, meet and exceed your customer needs. That means more that satisfied customers and that drive the company to succeed. 

Think about Apple, this company stays connected to the customer and anticipates what they need and what will improve their lives. 

By being empathetic, you gather the data that let you innovate, you always have a step ahead and progress and development bring you the advantages you need. 

Now about the how, there are many different ways to engage with your customers, to put yourself in their shoes. 

  1. Observe and immerse
    Observe how your customers receive the product, see it, feel it, how they use, how they make mistakes in using it and what are their thoughts
    Immerse yourself in their feelings, emotions and thoughts, how they physically experience your product and service, how they receive the information mentallythen act. 
  1. Create profiles and empathy map
    Try to distribute the emotions and the thoughts into these profiles, create market share and discuss which profiles do you want to focus on, then act 

Keeping the customer in mind includes reaching out and getting feedback. Your workload may be harder to plan, but you will hit the nail on the head for your customer with much higher frequency, and this means satisfied customers, who turn into loyal customers. Even if your customers get frustrated from time to time, if you demonstrate a high degree of empathy they will stay with you even when dissatisfied. 

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